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We are redefining conversations about mental well-being
in the workplace.


Lifelines was started by Melissa and Doug Bernstein in 2020. As Co-Founder of the tremendously successful toy company Melissa & Doug, Melissa has spent the last 30 years helping children discover themselves, their passions, and their purpose through open-ended play.


Lifelines partners with companies and organizations to change the conversation around mental well-being and create workplace environments where individuals can show up as their authentic selves. In doing so, we give people the tools they need to support their personal well-being and the well-being of others.


Our line of physical well-being products will help your workforce utilize their senses to ground in the present moment and find equanimity. 


Our virtual and in-person programs combine Melissa’s authentic story with cutting-edge science to guide participants in developing a well-being practice. Participants learn more about themselves, strengthen resilience, and overcome barriers to achieve their full potential at work and beyond.

Lifelines Partners are taking action to improve employee well-being

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When our people are at their best personally, they can bring their best professionally – driving higher levels of productivity, innovation and results.  We believe that the team at Lifelines has the unique ability to help us achieve this through their lived experience, superior partnership, innovative approach and their passion to drive change.


        -US Mental Wellness ERG  National Lead, Accenture

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