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Signature Programs

We work with you to co-design a custom experience based on your unique context.

Tell Your Story

Lifelines began with Melissa’s story. Five years ago, Melissa publicly shared her story of her journey to mental well-being and this was transformational to her as a leader. When her teams saw her as authentically herself, it gave them permission to be their true selves as well. In this signature Lifelines experience, we support your leaders in sharing their story to create a culture of openness and authenticity.

Fireside Chat with a Leader

Culture change starts at the top—and there is nothing more powerful than leaders engaging in honest conversation about the importance of nurturing well-being at work and beyond work. Through coaching, awareness, and resources, leaders can support their employees in establishing a strong foundation of resilience. 


Melissa will partner with a leader at your organization for an open, authentic conversation about well-being, empathy, creativity, and resilience. We will customize the content and topic to your organization's audience.

Conversation with an Expert

Our unique alignment with Harvard’s McLean Hospital offers us access to hundreds of leading well-being experts in psychiatry, psychology, and neuroscience. In addition to supporting our programs with science-backed insights, Lifelines brings experts to your organization for a powerful conversation on the latest research on mental well-being.

Ground Through Your Senses

Our innovative suite of sensory immersion products support your employees in remaining calm and focused through moments of stress. Our Grounding Through the Senses workshop is designed to guide participants in using their six (!) senses and sensory immersion products to strengthen resilience.


This workshop is included as part of a product partnership or can be delivered on its own with sensory immersion boxes for participants.

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