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We partner with you to address key areas of well-being at your organization.


Create a culture of authenticity

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We all aspire to be part of organizational cultures where our people feel safe, accepted, and supported. To do that we need to make our workplaces environments where every individual can show up as their authentic selves.

Organizations that foster authentic behavior are more likely to have engaged, enthusiastic, motivated employees and psychologically safe work environments. And research overwhelmingly shows that communicating openly about mental health challenges benefits both the individual and the organization. For the individual, being open about their struggles can decrease stress and increase well-being—it also allows them to receive the support they need. For the organization, this openness decreases stigma and increases empathy and connectedness—not to mention retention and the success of teams.

In this program, participants explore underlying beliefs that prevent them from connecting with authenticity and redefine how they lead to create environments that foster well-being and drive results. The program features our signature Tell Your Story event, a powerful experience in which leaders at your organization are invited to openly share their experiences with mental health challenges and the valuable lessons learned from them.


  • Tell Your Story

  • Empathy Campfire Circle

  • Leading with Authenticity


Help employees strengthen resilience

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Now more than ever, well-being is fundamental to individuals and essential to the success of organizations. With stress and burnout at all-time highs, resilience has become critical to our personal and collective success. Resilience is associated with greater job satisfaction, work happiness, organizational commitment and employee engagement. Raising resilience contributes to improved self-esteem, sense of control over life events, sense of purpose in life and improved employee interpersonal relationships. Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges and work through problems.


Although companies are increasingly focused on mental health at work, there is still more we can do to help employees strengthen resilience and offer the tools and resources they need to flourish.

In this series of workshops, participants learn techniques to ground in the present moment, manage their triggers, and reframe limiting beliefs to help strengthen resilience and unlock their full potential. They will walk away with specific habits they can put in place to nurture their well-being every single day.


  • Ground Through Your Senses

  • Fostering Empathy

  • Tame Your Triggers

Spark joy and creativity

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The post-pandemic world is different than the one we left behind, and the workplaces we are returning to are not the same either. The need to work flexibly, think creatively, and collaborate in new ways has become the first line of most job descriptions. As we work to harmonize new ways of living and working, joy and meaning have become key ingredients to our well-being and success. Joy is associated with increased productivity and longevity and decreased stress and physical illness. And companies reap huge benefits when workers feel their jobs have purpose. Past research shows employees who view their work as meaningful are more motivated, happier, and more productive.

In this series of conversations, participants explore how play and purpose are exactly what we need to spark joy and reimagine our workplace. They learn to use their senses to live more fully in the present moment and adopt a child-like sense of wonder that helps unleash responsive decision-making and creativity. Participants will be educated on the benefits of play to our mental and physical well-being and ability to problem-solve, innovate, and collaborate. They will walk away with concrete tools to create their own play practice—at work and beyond!


  • Ground Through Your Senses

  • Let Play Lead the Way

  • Uncover Your Purpose

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