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Practice Makes Purpose

Support your teams in strengthening well-being and unlocking their full-potential

Practice Makes Purpose is an innovative approach designed to help employees unlock their full potential—at work and beyond. Featuring cutting-edge research and the science of behavior change, the Practice Makes Purpose™ experience helps participants create a strong foundation of well-being, resilience, purpose, and creativity.


The program includes activities, reflections, and assessments designed to support individuals across four areas of well-being. Hover over each one to learn more:


Create a strong foundation of self-care

Topics include:

  • Rest

  • Nourishment

  • Joyful Movement

  • Self-Care

  • Setting Boundaries


Ground in the present moment and strengthen resilience

Topics Include:

  • Strengthening resilience

  • Managing triggers

  • Accepting emotions

  • Responding to challenges


Connect to yourself and others authentically and
with empathy 

Topics Include:

  • Managing inner-critic

  • Cultivating empathy

  • Identifying strengths and values

  • Fostering gratitude


Unleash joy,
creativity, and a sense
of purpose

Topics Include:

  • Identifying passions and talents

  • Cultivating joy

  • Uncovering purpose

Practice Makes Purpose is delivered virtually or in-person by Melissa and our expert Lifelines facilitators. Through the program, participants identify their well-being motivation, reframe limiting beliefs that prevent them from focusing on self-care, and design a daily, deliberate practice to create a strong foundation of well-being in all areas of their lives.

Benefits of Practice Makes Purpose


  • Create a strong foundation of well-being

  • Strengthen resilience and decrease stress

  • Improve performance, collaboration, engagement

  • Cultivate joy and purpose in their work


  • Establish a team culture of well-being and support

  • Strengthen empathy, authenticity, and inclusion

  • Support communication and collaboration in team


  • Help employees feel valued and well cared for

  • Increase engagement and retention

  • Support an environment of inclusion

  • Improve utilization of existing benefits & resources

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