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Lifelines workshops support individuals in living authentic, joyful lives. We help employees strengthen resilience, unleash creativity, and unlock their full potential.

Ground Through Your Senses.png

Grounding in the present moment gives our brains a chance to rest, reduces stress, and improves decision-making. In this workshop, participants will explore how our senses allow us to access a state of mindfulness and experience the richness of our world. They will identify the senses that are most grounding for them and design a practice to support them strengthen equanimity and resilience in daily life.

As leaders, we aspire to cultures where our people feel safe, included, and supported because that is when they are at their best. To do that we need to shape our workplaces into environments where every individual can show up as their authentic self. In this workshop, leaders will learn strategies to foster authenticity and design a practice to create environments of inclusion and psychological safety.

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Lifelines began with Melissa’s story. Five years ago Melissa publicly shared the story of her journey to self-acceptance and this was transformational for her as a leader. When her teams saw her as authentically herself, it gave them permission to be their true selves as well. In this signature Lifelines experience, we support your leaders in sharing their story with your organization to create a culture of empathy and resilience.

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Empathy is associated with improved performance, engagement, and collaboration. In this conversation, participants will discover the true meaning of empathy and its relationship to self-empathy. They will uncover limiting beliefs and barriers to empathy and learn to cultivate empathy in all areas of their lives!

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In this workshop, participants will explore the connection between purpose and mental health and the different ways in which they connect to their purpose and access meaning. They will uncover the talents and qualities that make them uniquely special and identify ways they can use them in service of what they value—both at work and beyond work.

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Our intense emotional reaction to triggers is our brain’s way of trying to protect us from experiencing something emotionally threatening. But our triggers limit our ability to connect with ourselves and others, harness our strengths, and act in accordance with our values. In this workshop, participants learn the science behind triggers and uncover the beliefs underlying their own emotional reactions. They acquire strategies to respond rather than react to situations and adopt habits that help them strengthen their equanimity long-term.

Tame Your Triggers.png

We often think of play as a pastime for children, but the benefits of play are profound and persist to adulthood. In this conversation, participants will learn from (Melissa herself!) about play and its relationship to their mental well-being. They will explore beliefs and barriers that prevent them from playing as an adult and learn ways to harness the power of play in all areas of their lives to become more vital, joyful, and responsive.

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